If you are a casual internet user and know nothing about Coding and you want to check if your Email and Password haven't been leaked in data breaches before. Please check my previous article where I don’t go into technical details:


This is where the fun begins:

There is a website that allows Internet users to check whether their personal data has been compromised by data breaches.
IT’S THE FAMOUS haveibeenpwned.

If you go to haveIbeenpwned/password and enter a password, eg “password”

Yes, Node.js has a great portion of it written in C/C++ and a lot of its modules are actually implemented in C/C++.
In this article, we will take a deep dive into Node and explore the C/C++ implemented under the hood

Just like any other javascript project out there, Node.js internally has a collection of dependencies that it uses to actually execute your code.
Two of these most important dependencies are the V8 and libuv projects;

V8 project:

is an open-source Javascript Engine created by google to give you the ability to execute javascript code outside of the browser

libuv project:

is a C

This is for Docker Newbies who just got docker installed and don’t know what to do with it or want to understand how it works in a fun way.

So you have successfully installed Docker on your machine and you are ready to start exploring the Docker world

HELLO-WORLD program is the first thing you code when you’re learning a new thing right? Well, it’s the same for docker.

You will get a sneak peek at how docker works, and don’t worry if you don’t know what a container or an image is.

docker run hello-world:

Open up your terminal and type:

Not everything is an object in JavaScript.

Many things that you interact with regularly (strings, numbers, booleans) are primitives, not objects. Unlike objects, primitive values are immutable.

The situation is complicated by the fact that these primitives do have object wrappers (String, Number and Boolean); these objects have methods and properties while the primitives do not, but the primitives appear to have methods because JavaScript silently creates a wrapper object when code attempts to access any property of a primitive

As a normal Internet user you don’t frequently hear about data breaches or emails and passwords being leaked to the public. But trust me it is more frequent than you think.

A “breach” is an incident where data has been unintentionally exposed to the public.

This is a small sample how frequent breaches are:

As you might already know MongoDB is already fast when performing read queries and specifically when it’s using Indexes

If you are not familiar with Indexes in MongoDB here is a quick summary;

MongoDB has something internally called an index, an index is matched up with an individual collection.

This index is an efficient data structure for looking up sets of records inside of that collection. …

This is basically an article for Git/Github NEWBIES

Let’s start by explaining each one at a time :

Once it’s on your local machine, you can make edits to your local copy and PUSH your code or PULL changes made to the online repository into your local copy of the project using Git.


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